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Intellect forest ka island - chiringashima ...

!About influence of typhoon!

As sandbar begins to flow under the influence of typhoon 18, and appearance time shortens for around 40 minutes anteroposterior than prediction, please be careful. .
In addition, please confirm by all means at the ebb tide time when sandbar does not appear even if it is past the ebb tide time as sandbar may not appear afterwards.
As you may not pass depending on weather even if sandbar appears, please obey instructions of local guide.

As impossible crossing the sea in the situation that sandbar does not completely appear is dangerous, please wait.

It is beautiful uninhabited island floating in Gulf of Kagoshima (Gulf of Kinko). At the time of ebb tide of flood tide from March to October or the medium tide, way (sandbar) of sand of approximately 800m in length appears and can cross on foot in intellect forest ka island.
Because it is island connected to the land, we are said to be island of matchmaking, and tour road and observation deck, bell named "clinks bell" are maintained in island.

※We are going to publish sandbar appearance prediction of 2018 in February, 2018.

Image 02
Nickname was simply course of sand

Nickname was simply course of sand of intellect forest ka island!
The name...
Smoke; come, and is way dust phosphorus lord of sand!
We are happy from now on if you can use nickname of "dust phosphorus road" with friendly feeling.

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We are careful about hyomondako!

After March, 2013, hyomondako having strong neurotoxin tetorodokishin is witnessed over several times at the shore in Ibusuki-shi.
Appearance is characteristic at approximately 10cm in length. You cause dizziness and dyspnea when bitten, and prevent you from never touching as you are very dangerous.


The common octopus department hyomondako genus. We inhabit shallows that reef and sand and pebble mix. Color of everyday body assimilates with the outskirts including rocky place. It yellows generally when we give stimulation with sticks, and blue annular design appears. Because leopard pattern showed the design, we were named.

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