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"Ibusuki don" and present campaign that stayed, and hit, and loved Saigo dommo!

※We finished the first, the second together. We have you stay at Ibusuki-shi and, besides, appreciate your introducing many friends.

When we stay at the target accommodations in the city and apply from Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Saturday, September 30, we carry out campaign that gorgeousness gourmet or special product of Ibusuki that loved Saigo Donya *hime hit in large quantities by lot.
We planned this campaign to have many people know Ibusuki with connection to Takamori Saigou for the number of the tourists dropping with the end of "Kyushu fukkou percent" of country and NHK TV saga "Saigo don" where broadcast was fixed at in 2018.
Campaign is divided into two of the first and the second. Particularly, from Wednesday, February 1 to Sunday, April 30, chance improves as we can participate in both!
At this opportunity, you stay at Ibusuki by all means and introduce charm of Ibusuki to friend, and do you not get special product of Ibusuki with "do - n?"♪

The campaign flyer surface. pdf

The campaign flyer back side. pdf

The first stays at the target accommodations for from Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Sunday, April 30 and applies!
We present special product (20,000 yen equivalency) to ten people, 30 people in total with luxurious gourmet of Ibusuki that Saigo Donya *hime loved in large quantities by lot every month.
During period, it is for all which stayed at the target accommodations (but address is limited to Japan).
※For more details, as for "the details, please see to this".
※The first was finished on Sunday, April 30. Thank you for your much application.

When the second stays at the both target accommodations of person introduced to be person who introduced, we can apply for campaign!
Charm of Ibusuki presents "gyu" and special product clogged up to pair (with two people) ten sets 20 people, 80 sets of 160 people in total in large quantities by lot every month (but address is limited to Japan).
※For more details, as for "the details, please see to this".
※The second was finished on Saturday, September 30, but accepts application of introduction card which got proof until October 31.

Contact information
Ibusuki-shi government office industry Fisheries Promotion Department Tourism Division sightseeing plan person in charge TEL: 0993-22-2111 (extension 326.328)

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