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Sand steamed bath


With Sand steam?

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Sand steam was loved by people who visited hot spring cure from old days of 300 years, and effect was thing to the people in the know, but recently medical explanation came to be done, and the good point came to be known to many people.
Cardiac output increased when we entered Sand steam according to the survey by Kagoshima University medical department Professor Tanaka and others and knew that temperature of deep place of body went up, and lot was good.
We investigate discharge of waste material and inflammatory pain generation-related material by pushing forward blood circulation and let body of person refresh by supplying enough oxygen nutrition.
We came to conclude that effect of Sand steam was what and 3-4 times of common hot spring in this investigation.

Entry of Sand steam

Reception desk

At reception desk, we borrow yukata to hear bathing explanation.

※In the case of Sand steam bathing, towel (face towel) to bind head with is necessary.

Change of clothes

We change into yukata in apodyterium. You take off clothes, and please wear yukata on the nude.

※As wearing of swimsuit disturbs sweat action, it is impossible.

Sand steam bathing

In Sand steam ground, please obey instructions of person in charge.
We turn over on our back on the appointed sand, and sand of approximately 50 degrees Celsius - 55 degrees Celsius is hung.
There is individual difference, but sweat gushes out to whole body in approximately ten minutes and feels refreshing. When we appear, we take out both arms and we take sand of stomach, chest and get up.
We regulate temperature at depth of sand by preference.

※Depending on physical condition, we may plow hot water area.
※Low temperature burn may be caused by enduring.
※Tell person in charge about high one, blood pressure with heart troubles before hanging sand.

After bathing

After Sand steam bathing, we take off yukata and can enter exclusive BOX and drop sand in shower.
Let's drop sand neatly before entering bathroom.

Hot spring

You drain sweat which you raked in Sand steam slowly completely in hot spring, and please be relaxed.
If is refreshed in hot spring; to apodyterium.

Change of clothes

We change our clothes in apodyterium.

Effect of Sand steam

It is inspected based on medical investigation that become red that dark blood before bathing is bright when we compare blood which collected blood after bathing if before bathing.

It is recommended in such one

We whip, and there is an effect in the paralysis for burn, feeble child, atopy, hemorrhoids, asthma, diabetes, stomach and intestines disease, menstrual disorder, infertility, anemia, poor circulation, constipation, obesity, total cosmetology after neuralgia, rheumatism, low back pain, arthralgia, bone fracture, stroke.
(attention) inflammation, fever during menstruation during high blood pressure (more than 180, 100mmHG), heart disease, arrhythmia, angina, lung disease, the pregnancy is not expected.

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