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Right how to enter Ibusuki Onsen

Hot spring image
Hydration a cup of before 1 bathing
It is prevented water deficit due to sweat.
For 2 hot water (is fogged hot water)
It washes away dirt of body and is effective in adjusting body to temperature of hot water. At particularly cold time, you gradually warm hands and feet from lukewarm hot water and run, and please do hot water. (blood pressure becomes maximum before bathing)
Comings and goings to 3 hot water are slow
When you leave from hot water in particular, please relax. Peripheral artery is expanded by warm temperature stimulation and rarely becomes low blood pressure during bathing because blood vessel is suppressed by the water pressure, but becomes easy to wake up low blood pressure because the water pressure disappears when we appear from hot water.
4 water level to chest
Burden to heart becomes big when we enter to shoulder. You enter to chest, and please have hot water on your shoulder by hand. When you want to enter to shoulder by all means, please use with lying-down bath or floating hot water (you put head on edge of bathtub and you float body and lie).
If 5 breaks sweat, it leaves from hot water
It means that it used energy of body like it exercised to sweat. You take a rest, and please sweat with nurumenoo hot water. 2-3 times, please be used as an indication of comings and goings to hot water.
When we get nervous from 6 hot water
As it is sodium chloride spring (weak hot brine spring), humidity retention effect lasts if we just wipe and get nervous.
After 7 bath towels
We are relaxed and are in a comfortable condition, but body gets tired. Degree, please rest body for 30-60 minutes if possible. Please do not forget hydration either. Please enjoy delicious food in environment that relaxed.
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