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Our site is site to run in Ibusuki-shi and nonprofit foundation Ibusuki-shi tourist association (the following, this cities and notation).

Link policy

Link to top page ( of "Ibusuki sightseeing net" is free in principle. In point setting link, smoke "; come, and please specify sightseeing net". Prior communication is not necessary, but sorry for your inconvenience, but please inform of URL of origin of link from this when you link.

Please note that contents of homepage of origin of link may ask cases against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for deletion of link.

Link banner can use three kinds of following picture files.

Ibusuki sightseeing net Ibusuki sightseeing net Ibusuki sightseeing net

Copyright Policy

As a general rule, copyright about individual information such as letter, photograph, illustration published in our site belongs to our cities.

But original work author owns copyright in some images. We cannot use reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was recognized all of contents of our site in Copyright Act including "private use" or "quotation" partly again.


Our cities do not take any responsibility about all acts that user performs using information of our site.

For the damage, loss that covered because user accessed "Ibusuki sightseeing net" in our cities, we do not take all responsibility under any circumstance.

Downloading and installation of various tools such as Acrobat Reader, please be based on self-responsibility of users.

About obstacle and trouble to occur on the latest downloading such as various software or tools and installation, sightseeing in our cities and Ibusuki net manager does not suffer responsibility of compensation for damages and solution to the problem at all.

In addition, we change information and URL of our site without notice or it may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

About all or part of our site, we may perform interruption, cancellation of delivery due to maintenance. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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About personal information

We handle our site based on "Ibusuki-shi ordinance of privacy protection" about possession and the use, management of personal information appropriately. For more details, please see "about Ibusuki-shi official homepage policy of Ibusuki-shi about personal information protection".

About change of use guide

In our site, we may change use guide without notice with changes such as laws and ordinances and administration flip flop of this site.

About inquiry

References about publication contents of our site are as follows.

Ibusuki-shi government office industry Fisheries Promotion Department Tourism Division
〒891-0497 2424, Juccho, Ibusuki-shi
TEL: 0993-22-2111 FAX: 0993-23-4987

Nonprofit foundation Ibusuki-shi tourist association
〒891-0405 2-5-33, Minato, Ibusuki-shi
TEL: 0993-22-3252 FAX: 0993-22-3884

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