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Recruitment of Ibusuki sightseeing net banner insertions

"Ibusuki sightseeing net" is general sightseeing portal site which Ibusuki-shi Tourism Division and nonprofit foundation Ibusuki-shi tourist association run jointly.

"We smoked came, and anyone integrated ☆ net" with "Ibusuki synthesis sightseeing site" to use sightseeing homepage comfortably and, in April, 2016, renewed as "sightseeing in Ibusuki net".

Our site introduces letter expansion and change of color, sound reading function, multilingual correspondence, and it is in the screen display which coped with smartphone, and it is in site corresponding to needs of diversifying user. In addition, the number of the mean access per January from April to November is approximately 2.4 times ("Ibusuki synthesis sightseeing site" and comparison) than before renewal in 2016.

You place advertisement in our site, and do you not effectively utilize for promotion and image enhancement of company, product? Advertisement charges income obtained from all of you is made use of for resources of municipal administration effectively.

Banner insertion summary

It is summary about Ibusuki sightseeing net banner insertion.

Publication page Top page ( of Ibusuki sightseeing net
※We publish position of advertising slot and image. Please see pdf.
The number of access 173,632 monthly mean page view (the results in 2016 from April to November)
※These data are reference and do not guarantee the number of monthly access.
Monthly basis advertisement charges
(because of 1 frame)
(1)We have offices in the city
One month 5,000 yen (tax-included), 12 months 50,000 yen (tax-included)
(2)Other thing
One month 10,000 yen (tax-included), 12 months 100,000 yen (tax-included)
The number of the frames For each ten a month frames
Standard The Ibusuki sightseeing net insertion handling point. Please see pdf.
Publication period By one month unit can apply. When advertisement reshuffling day is holiday, the days increase and decrease.
Offer period We raise at any time until advertising slot is filled up. In addition, we sometimes raise in emergency including case canceled on account of the advertisers after advertising slot was filled up.

Banner insertion summary

(1)Application procedure

We download paid insertion application.

Mail 〒891-0497 2424, Juccho, Ibusuki-shi
Ibusuki-shi industry Fisheries Promotion Department Tourism Division

(2)If we receive notice of publication decision

nyuko does manuscript of banner image. With delivery letter of advice, we pay advertisement charges.

※The details are the Ibusuki sightseeing net insertion handling points. Please see pdf.


Rough schedules are as follows.

Schedule Office work contents, procedure
Until last month 10 The application deadline (paid insertion application) (advertiser)
Until last month 17 Notice of publication (or we non-publish) decision (city)
Until last month 20 The article deadline (advertiser) with manuscript
Until last month 22 The advertisement charges receipt of money (advertiser)
Every month 1st In Ibusuki sightseeing net insertion (city)

(1)About insertion start

As a general rule, we publish in homepage by noon on the publication starting date of each month. Concerning publication work, the publication start time may be delayed.

(2)About the publication end of advertisement

As a general rule, we finish publication to homepage by noon on the next day on publication end day.


  • (1)Ibusuki-shi Tourism Division performs publication (indication) of homepage.
  • (2)Depending on environment such as reading from mobile device or browser setting of user, please propose that advertisement may not be displayed definitely after agreement.
  • (3)We may stop exhibition of homepage by periodical maintenance and temporary maintenance.
  • (4)Link of banner is displayed with the other window.
  • (5)There is prohibition expression of advertisement. For more details, it is Ibusuki-shi homepage advertisement expression guideline. Please see pdf.

Insertion standards


〒891-0497 2424, Juccho, Ibusuki-shi
Ibusuki-shi industry Fisheries Promotion Department Tourism Division telephone 0993-22-2111
FAX 0993-23-4987

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