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Smoke the 26th; come, and is recruiting field mustard march participants!

"We smoke the 26th come and hold field mustard march" earliest on the stage of paths of south Satsuma where "field mustard" flowers in Japan.

In commemoration of NHK TV saga "Saigo don" broadcast, we set course around the ground related to 濵sakitaheiji which is *hime and business magnate of the late Tokugawa period this year including Unagi Onsen where Takamori Saigou stayed in with 13 dogs.

In addition, we carry out stamp rally in search of pet dog of Saigo.

Do you not walk while enjoying nature of Ibusuki including "Kaimondake" and "intellect forest ka island" for two days?

On the day participation is possible, too. We look forward to participation of many people!

■Date Saturday, January 27, 2018, 28th Sunday

■Meeting venue (start goal)

・Village of young bird which loved Saigo donga on 27th "view excellent"; mountain River stage (flower park Kagoshima) around no way

・Ibusuki stage (contact plaza rape building) which walks Saigo don, *hime, ugly romance "visiting spas" that peaceful next wants to love way on 28th


・27 Hiyama river stages: 40km, 26km, 10km, 5km, Nordic events 10km

・28th Ibusuki stage: 30km, 22km, 13km, 6km, kids 3km (less than primary schoolchild apply to kids course.)

■Participation fee (in the case of participation only for 1st the same amount)

・General 2,000 yen

・1,000 yen lower than high school student

・Primary and secondary student in Ibusuki-shi can participate free.

■Application method

○Direct application

We fill in matter necessary for postal transfer paper for participation application and we attach participation fee and bring in executive committee.

○Application by postal transfer

We fill in matter necessary for postal transfer paper for participation application and pay participation fee from the nearest post office. (customer is responsible for payment fee.)

○Application by the Internet

We apply from exclusive site (sports entry). (fee is necessary.)

Field mustard march meet essential point. pdf

Contact information
Smoke; come; field mustard march executive committee TEL: 0993-22-5519
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