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Let's put "Ibusuki dried bonito" dried bonito from Ibusuki on sale; is the logo mark announcement fair, presentation ceremony

June 20, 2017

Brand name of new dried bonito called "Ibusuki dried bonito" was born in Ibusuki.

And the presentation ceremony of Ibusuki dried bonito to Ibusuki local cuisine development societies organized with announcement society and cooking length of logo mark of "Ibusuki dried bonito" of local hotel, inn on May 16 was held.

Mountain river Port which was natural good harbor which utilized the caldera topography prospered as window of Kagoshima from ancient times.

Let alone fishery being prosperous, 30% of national dried bonito amount of production is counted fortune-telling about "dried bonito" which is artefact in three major production centers of dried bonito with "Yaizu" of Shizuoka "Makurazaki" of same Kagoshima.

We occupy 70% about production of "honkosetsu" where what you should mention specially is top quality goods of dried bonito and, as straight production center of the best high quality dried bonito in Japan, support culture of "stock" in traditional "Japanese dishes" of Japanese.

We explain logo and approach of "Ibusuki dried bonito" after there were greetings of mountain River marine products processing industries cooperation ealdorman and the Mayor of Ibusuki by ceremony.

It is in shape such as crane that part of "mountain" flaps by two characters of "mountain River" having been settled in Japanese yen as for the logo mark, and mountain river Port having been called "port of crane" in old days. In red that compares color to sectional "ruby" of dried bonito, and is deep. Style of handwriting was devised, and there was explanation with lucky logo mark powerfully.

It is the presentation to Ibusuki local cuisine development society afterwards.

Yuto Manabe, chairperson of Ibusuki local cuisine development society "is basics of dishes, and it is very stouthearted that the same ground is production center. Enthusiasm for research and development of "Saigo don" planned that customer was satisfied for broadcast of do medearu of cook and TV saga "Saigo don" of the next year dishes was talked about.

We utilize name and logo mark of this "Ibusuki dried bonito" and, around honkosetsu which is high-quality article, we will publicize that it is production center that was particular about quality and taste, quantity more in future and seem to wrestle to plan branding as dried bonito production place and improvement of country recognition.

Kaiseki is served in accommodation when we stay at the major accommodations in Ibusuki-shi with half board. Please pay attention to "stock" which Ibusuki is proud of.

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