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The 32nd Ibusuki local cuisine development society presentation "Saigo don dishes" "dishes using Ibusuki dried bonito"

June 20, 2017

For the purpose of study of cooking technology and development of new dishes, presentation of "Ibusuki local cuisine development society" held by cooking length of hotel, inn in the city was held on Monday, June 5.

"Saigo don dishes" that we matched this theme with TV saga "Saigo don" in 2018 and dishes using "Ibusuki dried bonito" presented to the society the other day. The cooking head of nine hotels, inns in Ibusuki-shi showed the skill and displayed, and sampling of dishes with eight facilities was performed.

About "Saigo don dishes," we develop dishes of "chawanmushi" as common menu each. Because chawanmushi is menu which you can eat from adult to child willingly, and Takamori Saigou was big human being of looks, also, using big container, we will develop as steamed dishes for natural "furnace" called "sume" of Unagi Onsen Takamori Saigou to be known to as hot spring enthusiast stayed in Unagi Onsen of Ibusuki.

In addition, another theme is dish using "Ibusuki dried bonito". Mountains of Ibusuki river Port that is eminent production of dried bonito place boasts of top quality goods "honkosetsu" of dried bonito amount of production Nihonichi. He/she is wrestling using naming called "Ibusuki dried bonito" and common logo mark now to publicize that it is production center that was particular about quality and taste, quantity more to plan branding and improvement of country recognition. To this presentation, we had you offer Ibusuki dried bonito. (design → of the presentation ceremony)

Then it is introduction of dishes promptly. At first from sampling. Dishes of eight articles in total were provided by two articles with four kinds with "steamed egg hotchpotch" "steamed dishes" "dishes using lye winding" "rice" on that day.

As for the next, it is cooked display.
It was displayed by nine following hotels, inns (random order).
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Menu list (PDF)
The 32nd menu (summary). pdf

○The participation accommodations (random order)
 Ibusuki Shirouzu building
 Ibusuki Phenix Hotel
 Ibusuki seaside hotel
 Ibusuki sea hotel
 Smoke; come; shusuien
 Ibusuki Coral beach hotel
 Ibusuki Royal Hotel
 Hot spring hotel gimmatsu of flower
 Accommodation of Ibusuki heart

Dishes which we introduced here are for display, but development is pushed forward to all of you as trip product from the time more in future in autumn to be able to taste.

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