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Unagi Onsen monitor tour report of "Saigo don" connection

March 23, 2017

We carried out monitor tour that utilized platform business on Sunday, March 19.

We utilize this business and develop new landing type product or experience-based program this year.

We had Unagi Onsen that was place of connection of TV saga "Saigo don" visit on monitor tour quickly this time.

Unagi Onsen is located in the bank of eel pond which is the second biggest in Kyushu in hot spring with spring quality of simple sulfur spring in Ibusuki Onsen. Probably dropped in at too much may not come as there is much one where "natural Sand steamed bath" is imaged speaking of Ibusuki Onsen.

Takamori Saigou is with 13 dogs in Unagi Onsen, 1874 here and stays for arrival, approximately one month.

We go for hunting around Kaimondake and, during stay, catch rabbit and play with neighboring children and are informed when we make reading, meditation, Chinese poetry on rainy day and spent. And celebrity "Shinpei Eto" of Saga visits Saigo on this ground and is known as place that talked together.
Dog is declined for scary reason when we finish stay of approximately one month, and Saigo reports to the Fukumuras of stay house when we will give one dog to thanks and leaves shirt of flannelette which Saigo wore instead, and this exists.

By the way, we return to tour, but take a walk through Takamori Saigou stay ruins or eel pond by information for this ground. Time for walk is approximately 25 minutes. It becomes city walk of approximately 1.2km.

You finish city walk, and, by program, please experience "sume" of specialty of here Unagi Onsen.

Natural furnace that "sume" used hot spring heat. This "sume" is pulled in home of eel district and is used in substitution for gas. It is said that "sume" means that the steam says "sumoru" in Kagoshima dialect.

If finish explanation about sume, using promptly local ingredients begin demonstration of sume dishes a little.

By menu, we planned "one article of vegetable of hot spring egg + season" and had you try "snap garden pea" to be proud of the best amount of production in Japan to on that day.

We set hot spring egg and snap garden pea in sume. We are affected by climates, but, as for hot spring egg, snap garden pea is completed for approximately approximately four minutes for approximately seven minutes.

Meanwhile, tea is treated participants to and has to wait for completion.

Meanwhile, at first snap was completed.

We think that you can understand that it is sultry and gets nervous and wins being glossy.

We try snap. When have have some salt for swing, "delicious" "sweet" saying "smell sulfur"; state of favorable reception.

It was boiled and donated hot spring egg successively.

May say monitor this time, and is goodwill of guide; as for the sweet potato.

It is eating a food with great relish to local ingredients having just finished there being while seeing quiet eel pond. We seemed to have you like with this monitor very much.

Finally, seeing off in all the members who became specialty of Ibusuki. We finished monitor safely.

This program is performing the training of guide now. The number of people that we can receive in not being complete yet including maintenance of parking lot and restroom thinks whether there is limit, but pushes forward approach in order to start information activity by for Golden Week. Please expect.

To the southernmost "Nishi-Oyama Station" of JR Japan where Kaimondake where we went to to have party of monitor experience plural programs, and to hunt Saigo is seen neatly.

From around here, we can look around the East China Sea neatly.

Saigo who stayed in eel. We went to the Kaimondake area and might remember days that we spent with aikana and children whom we met over there of the sea on day when we left for the ocean from mountain River Port for younger days.
Come to the ground of Ibusuki provoking such travel emotions by all means taking the opportunity of big river.

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