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Smoke the thirteenth; came, and Fra Festival was held!

June 15, 2016

Smoke the thirteenth for three days of Sunday on 12th from Friday, June 10; came, and Fra Festival was held!

Ibusuki performs exercise to accept tourists with warm atmosphere as "town of aloha" from the 50, Showa generation and carries out "aloha declaration" every year on April 29 and performs approach to wear Hawaiian shirt as uniform in the summertime.

There was such a flow, too and, commencing with event of "Fra", reached the thirteenth in this year.

By Fra Festival, "aloha cocktail party" and "competition" (competition) that "workshop" and Qum Fra that we meet Qum Fra (teacher of Fra) of home Hawaii act as judge are performed as main contents "exhibition" (presentation) and "street corner Fra".

Then, here, we introduce design of meeting slightly this time!

We had you participate in exhibition (presentation) toward 252 sets of 2,140.

Gorgeous performance without breaking off with colorful clothes is carried out for two days.

Fra was not limited to woman, and male (money) performance was very wonderful, too, and the meeting place swelled, too.

Classrooms shown classic Fra called "kahiko" to increased recently.

It was the origin of Fra, and kahiko of Fra came to be well known even to Japan for thing which was danced originally to give to God and the imperial family recently. Clothes are not brilliant as dance to dedicate to God and, unlike modern Fra (auana), dance with earnest expression to rhythm and chant (aria) of ipuheke (gourd) of Qum (teacher). kahiko which man dances is very also cool.

In meeting place, there is branch of many Hawaiian shops, too and comes to be able to enjoy not only view of Fra but also shopping.

Successively "street corner Fra." Please show Fra in front of Ibusuki Station.

"IBUSUKI HULA WEEK" was held to heap up town of Ibusuki more, and there were Hawaiian menu and privilege of limitation in downtown for one week, and beer garden was performed at the station square, too.

Finally "competition" (competition) that "workshop" by "aloha cocktail party" and home Hawaiian Qum Fra and Qum Fra act as judge.

Smoke; come, and Fra Festival is not possible without this person now. 13 times of Qum Fra Edo Collier coming over to consecutively. "We smoke come, and the first has you bring up this meeting that started as hula Festival" (general what say with "Fra" not "hula" recently as Fra includes meaning of dance) through workshop and guest stage of every time.

Qum Fra Edo Collier introduction page

From design of school visit of Qum Fra who was performed on the day before competition before introducing event that guest from Hawaii appeared. It is performed when we want children living on suggestion of Edo Collier in Ibusuki to know Fra. We visited Yanagita Elementary School in the city this time and had 5.6 years student experience Fra.

Introduction of Hawaiian music and announcement of Fra by Qum

And have actually dance; had experience.

Introduction that follow "competition" (competition). At competition that Qum Fra acts as judge and is held, you can enjoy performance of Fra who is high level. And impressive commendation ceremony is held on the same day, and it is event of pillar of ugly Fra Festival yes now. In front of commendation ceremony, guest stage was performed, too.

Next "workshop." Including Fra of home Hawaii, we learn Hawaiian culture and nature, climate through one program. This time classroom by four Qum Fra,

Classroom of Qum Fra Edo Collier

Qum Rei Fra fir tree Ho

kumufuramaka Herrod

kumufuranoerani Chan

Classroom of keiki (children) Fra of kamere Collier acting as tiebreaker by competition in daughters of Edo Collier,

And ukulele and six people of Weymouth nakereave head Kana of musician were performed by teacher.

Each teacher, truth can tell carefully kindly, and please participate by all means on the next time as it is at opportunity when there is few when we can touch genuine Hawaii.

Becoming the last introduction "aloha cocktail party." It is performed on the night of Saturday. Guests from Hawaii participates in this meeting place. Fra and music unlike guest stage are shown and participant shows Fra by free participation and swells.

Closeness of sense of distance with guest is attractive one of these events again, too.

And Hawaiian paean which sustains way by all the participants by event, and is very important for Hawaii

"Hawai`i Aloha Hawaii aloha" is shown and becomes climactic.

"Hawai`i Aloha"

E Hawai'i e ku 'u One hanau e,

Ku'u home kulaiwi nei,

'Oli no au i na pono lani e,

E Hawai'i aloha e

E hau'oli na 'opio o Hawai'i nei

'Oli e! 'Oli e!

Mai na aheahe makani e pa mai nei

Mau ke aloha, no Hawai'i

[Japanese meaning]

Sand that I was born Hawaii

Hometown of house me of me

I of you is divine, and sing that is right

Beloved Hawaii

Be fun Hawaiian youth

Sing, and sing

It is surrounded by calm soft breeze

We love Hawaii forever

We will wait next year in town "Ibusuki" of aloha!

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