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Smoke; come; application

Free application with "kenko" which enjoyed living and trip in Ibusuki with smartphones as concept was released. As it is application that anyone including one, Ibusuki citizen coming to Ibusuki by sightseeing can use, please use by all means!

In Google play and App store, smoke "; come, and search with application"!


It is navigation application to guide sightseeing information or kenko exercise to have you enjoy Ibusuki.

  • We make guidance to walking AR ... spot and place that we want to stroll in, place that we want to go on map that selected carefully.
  • We can enjoy stamp rally when we scan sightseeing Wi-Fi stamp rally ... AR cord.
    ※Special privilege to get at Ibusuki Station is in one where complete made stamp rally.
    (about the details, please see participation method of stamp rally in application.)
  • We can photograph souvenir picture with photoframe which matched each photoframe ... tourist attraction.
  • You can utilize as tool to receive disaster prevention map ... disaster prevention information.
  • We can confirm kenko open space ... walking course and medical examination information, kenko recipe.

※Please refer to Help of each page for how to use.
※By smartphones which are used or communication environment,
Part of application may not work normally.

Town development promotion room of yubishukushiyakushokenko
TEL: 0993-22-2111 (extension 287.289)
Smoke; come; application flyer (table last 27. 04.24)
Smoke; come; application flyer (back last 27. 04.24)
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