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torokonide Kaimondake opening of the mountaineering season

We climb altitude difference 900m near 0m above see level. Do you not climb Kaimondake while feeling wind to blow from Gulf of Kinko? Relief, member of guide club accompany the first one!

torokonide Kaimondake mountain climbing difference handbill. PDF

Event information

The date Sunday, March 12, 2017 ※Rain out
Holding place Kaimondake (meeting place: in front of foot of worth thing contact park management ridge)
Time 8:30 - acceptance
9:00 - security Rogation Days
10:00 ... departure (round-trip six hours)
Rate Free of charge
Others We prepare
●Lunch, drink
●Work gloves
●Stick (rental existence)
Contact information 0993-32-5566
Sponsor foot of worth thing contact park
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