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It is bicycle with electric assistant player whom we can rent in general tourist information center in JR Ibusuki Station and main hotels, tourist facilities. Because we are working under assistant player, we can run smoothly and can enjoy comfortable sightseeing.

Let's rent iburino!
We come by JR Ibusuki Station yard synthesis tourist information center and designated hotel, inn nadodeiburinga rental.

[rental time] Ibusuki city area from 9:00 to 18:00 (it varies according to facilities)
[base rate] Less than two hours: 500 yen
Less than four hours: 1,000 yen
Less than six hours: 1,500 yen
More than six hours (daily rental): 2,000 yen
[checkout] Identity verification including driver's license needs done documents
[rental place] Cf. list of following facilities

[list of rental places: Ibusuki area] (area code 0993)

Facility namePhone numberPossession numberDrop-off
Possibility point
JR Ibusuki Station yard synthesis tourist information center 22-4114 14
Ibusuki iwasaki hotel 22-2131 Four
Ibusuki Phenix Hotel 23-4111 Three
Ibusuki seaside hotel 23-3111 Three
Ibusuki sea hotel 22-2221 Two
Smoke; come; shusuien 23-4141 Two
Ibusuki Coral beach hotel 22-2241 Two
Ibusuki Royal Hotel 23-2211 Three
Hot spring hotel gimmatsu of flower 22-3231 Three
Kyukamura Ibusuki 22-3211 Four
  • In "drop off possibility point" of list with "0" seals, in facility, drop off, and (pay) is possible.
  • Road 300 yen according to drop-off charge
  • We may not loan on the event dates.

※Anti-theft; when save, and leave bicycle, I would like locking by all means.

[list of rental places: mountain river area] (area code 0993)

Facility namePhone numberPossession numberDrop-off
Possibility point
kaimon shijokyutaro 34-0132 Eight X

[list of rental places: Kaimon area] (area code 0993)

Facility namePhone numberPossession numberDrop-off
Possibility point
Ibusuki-shi government office Kaimon branch 32-3111 Two X
foot of worth thing contact park 32-5566 Two X

iburin image

iburinno art

  • Let's manage gearbox...To gear which is light in getting out run and slope, gear which is heavy if it drives fast!
  • Pedal relaxes!...As electric assistant player is belonging to, it works by light power!
  • Hydration diligently!...Let's take break diligently.
  • Electric assistant player is uphill slope!...Switch-on is the secret of oblong chest if we can see slope.

Cycling rule

  • Run on the left side of road...Bicycle is light vehicle. Let's run on the left side of road.
  • It is given priority to walker on the sidewalk...In the dangerous roads such as small roads, sidewalk run is possible. Let's be careful about walker.
  • We are prohibited from nagara driving...Please do not use the use, earphone of use and umbrella of running cell-phone.
  • Drink-driving is prohibited...Bicycle is one of the vehicles, too. Drinking in restaurant and souvenir shop drives a car under the influence of alcohol.
  • We are prohibited from for two people...For two people of bicycle is prohibited in principle. As we are dangerous, let's stop.
  • In addition...You are reading by all means, and please use contract to exchange in the case of rental.

Model course

1)Ibusuki Station → Nine minutes (1.5km) Sand steam hall "sand comfort" → One minute (0.2km) former hot water
One minute (0.1km) Wakamiya Shrine → Eight minutes (1.4km) Ibusuki Station

2)Ibusuki Station → 15 minutes (2.5km) Satsuma Denshokan Museum → 11 minutes (1.8km) intellect forest ka island
12 minutes (2.0km) flower Park → To Ibusuki Station

In addition, please inflect for visiting visiting spas and potteries.

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